Pentaho BI Server 5 – Missing data in jobId quartzjobkey.error_0002

My Pentaho scheduler was showing no data when I looked at it in the browser, and when I checked the logs I got an error that was along the lines of:

Missing data in jobId quartzjobkey.error_0002

This seemed to be caused by a JOB_NAME in the quartz hsql database that stores the scheduled job metadata. Specifically, bad job name was:

admin PentahoSystemVersionCheck 1428946692234

The other jobs all had names like:


Looked to me like the whitespace in the job name was causing problems. I did not need the version checker, so I just opted to delete the job and hope that my job listing came back. There are several steps to accomplish this.

First, the Pentaho server uses a JNDI context definition to access the Quartz database. This definition is in ./tomcat/webapps/pentaho/META-INF/context.xml, and the relevant bit is:

Second, we need to be able to access this database. This can be done with the HSQL SqlTool. If you are not using hsql you need to use something that will work with your particular databse. To connect, I used the following command:

Now we are able to run commands on the database. Do note that hsql does not commit automatically, so I had to run the following to make this go away. Note the first statement to make sure I get the item I want to delete (and only the one I want to delete) before I remove records:

Now the offending job is gone and the UI will load the jobs that are there.